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 Thank you, Brother and Sister Kwesi for being a husband and wife team in the spirit of our African ancestors

who believed in the trinity of the father/ mother/child. Your trips back to the Motherland have become

legendary for the knowledge you impart, the family atmosphere you foster, and the long lasting friendships

you encourage us to make...Thank you Brother and Sister Kwesi for devoting your life's work to enabling

those of us in the Diaspora to reunite with the spirits of our ancestors and to understand their messages to

us.      Nekhbet Nefertum  Traveled with Kemet Nu Tour in Egypt 5 years - 2002,2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and

Ethiopia in 2013.

Travel Testimonials

Hotep! Asante Sana for the trip of a lifetime. The Know Thyself Tour has been a Rite of Passage for me. We

can never be the same. Thank you for what you do for the liberation of Afrikan people. You are truly carrying

out the legacy of Dr. Ben! Together we will win! Our Victory has been consecrated by the blood of the

Ancestors! Let's Get Free!     Suten Salim Khalfani  Traveled with Kemet Nu Tour in Egypt 2 years - 2004, 2005

The Truth is in Stone - The Kemet Nu Tour 2015 by Brother Reggie Sinkler

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Home Lectures Order Products Egypt Tour View Egypt Videos Egypt Photo Gallery Testimonials Ethiopia Tour Ethiopia Gallery Kwesi with Dr Ben About Us
To Brother Ashra and Sister Merira Kwesi It's difficult for me to articulate how much your work means to me. Thanks to your dedication, wisdom, tireless effort and commitment to truth, my connection to the ancestors has been restored, my spirit has been renewed and I understand now that my true purpose in this life is the liberation and empowerment of my people. I could never have seen this light so clearly without you both...    A. Ralph    Traveled with the Kemet Nu Tour in Egypt  2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and to Ethiopia 2009
To Sister Merira and Baba Kwesi: There are no words that can adequately express all that you have done for us!  This is only the beginning. Ramessu Meriamen     Traveled with the Kemet Nu Tour in Egypt 9 years (2002, 2004, 2005, 2006,2007,2008, 2009, 2010, 2016) and in Ethiopia 2 years.
This was a trip of a lifetime as advertised and more. I enjoyed every minute. I consider myself well traveled and well read. This was the most AMAZING experience in my life. The lectures were intriguing and not boring. The lectures were timely and enriched the site visits. I saw many wonderful things. The people I met on tour were inspiring - you made everyone feel like family. I am telling my friends and family about this tour and what I learned about our ancient history -- I am so proud. I cherish the memories. I cannot thank you enough for your years of dedication in study in order to gain this knowledge and for you to share it. We are looking forward to go on the Ethiopian tour. Sandra Owens I would like to thank you two so much for everything you do pertaining to Kemet Nu and the history and stories of our people. Most of all I would like to thank you for giving my kids the knowledge of Kemet. There is a change in them. Its like they have been re-born. I know I have been re- born but it is such a special feeling to see it in my kids. Are conversation, health and everything is so positive and Kemet NU. There hasn't been a day that we don't reference what we learned and now they are even into the books that me and my wife have been reading. Dr.Ben books and others that have been spoken off. Saying thank you is not enough. My our Africa ancestors continue to bless you two and your Kemet Nu. Derick Owens Mr. and Mrs. Kwesi, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. You all run a tight ship. Please keep doing what you are doing. I hope to be able to do your Ethiopia trip in the future, as well. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime.   Sincerely, Malik Dulaney
Comments from 2015 Tour
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