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Ashra and Merira Kwesi’s Annual Kemet Nu “Know Thyself” Tour Due to overwhelming demand, we will conduct 2 Kemet (Egypt) Tours for 2017  July 8 - 22, 2017 and July 22 - Aug. 5, 2017         $3899 per person/double occupancy Join Ashra & Merira Kwesi for the Annual African-centered 15 Day  “Trip of A Lifetime” Based on over 3 Decades of Research & Conducting Tours in Egypt s
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Travelers will learn about: The African builders of civilization The world's first universities at Karnak & Luxor Ancient African spiritual concepts that are with us today The plagiarizing of our ancestral temples, symbols & much,  much, more...                                            Price for tour includes: Round trip international airfare from New York (price includes taxes) Domestic air and land travel in Egypt Dynamic African-centered lectures at the sites by Ashra Kwesi Visually documented multimedia Power Point lectures at the hotels by Ashra & Merira Kwesi 5 Star Hotel accommodations Nile Cruise 2 meals daily (3 meals daily while on Nile cruise) Entrance fees to all sites Pre-trip planning handbook DVD - Egypt: From Cairo to Nubia Book - African Builders of Civilization Historical & Cultural Booklet on Egypt (Kemet) End of tour celebration with ceremony & certificates commemorating tour achievement, a "Galabia Party," and farewell dinner  Payments can be made in any increments of $300 or above, as long as final payent is in by the due date.
Itinerary  Day 1— Evening departure from J.F. Kennedy International Airport via EgyptAir.  Day 2— Upon arrival in Cairo, you will be met, assisted through customs and transferred to your hotel.  Orientation and group introductions. D  Day 3—Depart by bus after breakfast to tour the famous Pyramids of Giza and see Heruemakhet, the Great Sphinx. Evening multimedia presentation “From Predynastic Kemet (Egypt) to the Early African Builders of the Pyramids.” B/D  Day 4— See the ancient burial sites of Sakkara, location of the Step Pyramid built by King Djoser. Visit the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid of King Sneferu at Dahshur. Two evening multimedia presentations on the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. B/D  Day 5— Visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities that houses over 100,000 ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) artifacts. Travel to the airport for an evening departure to Luxor. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel. B/D  Day 6—Morning free. Afternoon multimedia presentation lecture “The Ancient African Mystery System, Foundation of Western Academia and Theology.” Evening visit to the East Bank Temple of Ipet Resyt (Luxor), one of the world's first universities and citadels of learning for the ancient world.  B/D  Day 7-  Visit the magnificent East Bank temple of Ipet Isut (Karnak), one of the world’s first universities and citadels of learning for the ancient world. Afternoon multimedia presentation “The Valley of the Kings and the Ancient African Builders for Eternity.” B/D  Day 8 - Travel to the West Bank of the Nile to visit the magnificent tombs at the Valley of the Kings, the Funerary Temple of Pharaoh Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahri, the Ramesseum and the Funerary Temple of Ramesu (Ramses) III.  Afternoon multimedia presentation on "The Queens and Goddesses of Ancient Kemet." B/D Day 9 - Take the scenic bus route to the impressive temple of the Goddess Het Heru (Hathor) at Denderah. Visit the world’s first holy city and Temple of Seti I at Abydos. Check in for Nile Boat Cruise. B/L/D  Day 10 - Sail to Aswan, the land of Nubia, stopping at the monumental Temple of Heru (Horus) at Edfu and Kom Ombo Double Temple of Sobek. Afternoon multimedia presentation lecture on "Nubia, the Mother of Kemet (Egypt)." B/L/D  Day 11 – Visit the Temple of Aset (Isis) at Philae and the ancient historical site of Kolo Bolo. Evening visit to the Nubia Museum. B/L/D  Day 12- Early morning visit to Abu Simbel in Lower Nubia, where you will see the magnificent rock hewn temples of Ramesu (Ramses II) and Queen Nefertari. Return to Aswan in the early afternoon. Check into hotel. Afternoon multimedia presentation on "Modern Nubian Culture."  B/D  Day 13–  Optional trip to visit a Nubian village. Evening “Galabia Party.” B/D  Day 14— Transfer to the airport for a morning return trip to Cairo. Transfer to your hotel. Remainder of day at leisure. B/D  Day 15–  Early morning departure for New York. B
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Brochure for Brothers and Sisters traveling from Europe, Africa and Asia (Brochure includes Land only).
Brochure for Brothers and Sisters traveling  from the U.S.,  Canada and the Caribbean  (Includes round trip international airfare from New York   plus land arrangements).
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2016 Tour - Multimedia Lectures
2016 Tour
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Kemet Nu 2016 at Abu Simbel - Photo by Charles Beason