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                                              Ashra and Merira Kwesi's Kemet Nu Egypt Tour

                                                       Next Tour  - July, 2016 
                     Brochures and pricing will be available in October/November 2015. 

                      A 15 Day Tour Based on 34 years of Research, Travel and conducting Tours in Egypt
                                                                 (Payment Plans Available)          

  To download sample of Egypt Tour Brochure for Brothers and Sisters departing from the U.S.A.  Click here

Sample Brochure for Brothers and Sisters traveling from England, other parts of Europe and Africa  Click here  
(This brochure is for land arrangements only and does not include international travel from New York).

            Video Introduction to Kemet Nu Egypt Tour 

                               Click here to view videos of live lectures at the ancient African Ancestral Sites


Join Ashra and Merira Kwesi for the annual  African-centered Trip of a Lifetime” - Egypt: from Cairo to Nubia.
Annual tour is based on 34 years of study and tour experience  in Egypt.            

Travelers will learn about:

bullet The African builders of civilization
bullet The world's first universities at Karnak & Luxor
bullet Ancient African spiritual concepts that are with us today
bullet The plagiarizing of our ancestral temples, symbols & much, much more...                                               

Price for tour includes:

bullet Round trip international airfare from New York
bullet Domestic travel in Egypt
bullet Dynamic African-centered lectures at the sites by Ashra Kwesi
bullet Visually documented multimedia Power Point lectures at the hotels by Ashra & Merira Kwesi
bullet 5 Star Hotel accommodations
bullet 2 meals daily
bullet Entrance fees to all sites
bullet Pre-trip planning handbook
bullet DVD - Egypt: From Cairo to Nubia
bullet Book - African Builders of Civilization
bullet Historical & Cultural Booklet on Egypt (Kemet)
bulletEnd of tour celebration with ceremony & certificates commemorating tour achievement, a "Galabia Party," farewell dinner

Payments can be made in any increments of $300 or above, as long as final payment is in by the May due date.

                    Ashra Kwesi and Merira Kwesi with the  Kemet Nu group at Sakkara.

 Ashra Kwesi points out information from the  Ramesseum                                        Kemet Nu Tour Group 2014

  Ashra performs wedding ceremony at Waret (Karnak Temple)           Kemet Nu Egypt Tour 6246 (2006) at the Step Pyramid   



Know What to Expect on Our Tour!  DVD Available - Egypt: From Cairo to Nubia  
To order click picture of video


For lectures, DVDs, CDs or Egypt and Ethiopia tour brochures contact:

Ashra or Merira Kwesi
Kemet Nu Productions
P.O. Box 41005
Dallas, TX 75241-0005
Tel:  (214) 371-0206  Fax:  (214) 371-0908








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